Business Development Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 7:30 a.m.
  • 1st Wednesday every month
  • Bow Municipal Building
    10 Grandview Road
    Room C
    Bow, NH 03304
Business Development Commission by E Anderson

Seated from left to right: Stan Emanuel (Vice Chair), Bill Hickey (Chair), Larry Haynes (Secretary). Standing from left to right:Matt Taylor (Community Development Director), Mike Percy, Dick Kraybill, Dave Stack (Town Manager), Bryan Westover (Assistant Planner), Ben Kiniry (Selectmen Representative), June Branscom.

Rules of Procedure

Business Development Commission Schedule


Members are appointed by the Bow Board of Selectman

  • Bill Hickey, Chair
  • Stan Emanuel, Vice Chair
  • Larry Haynes, Secretary
  • John Meissner
  • Don Berube, Jr.
  • Michael Percy
  • June Branscom
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Richard Kraybill
  • Colleen Hunter (Selectman Representative)
  • Ben Kiniry (Selectman Representative Alt.)


The Business Development Commission was formally established (as the Industrial Development Commission) in 1978 by warrant article. The purpose of the Commission is:
  • To advise the Select Board on issues affecting economic development
  • To establish a process for long range economic development

Current Priorities 

  • Implement the recommendations of the Economic Development Strategy
  • Improve the business development climate in the Town of Bow

Current Activities

  • Business Development Infrastructure. The Commission coordinates with utilities on access to natural gas, telecommunications, and electricity for the business development area. The Commission actively supports access to and use of the active rail line through Bow. The Commission participates actively in NH Department of Transportation projects to ensure that local and regional economic development issues are addressed. The Commission works with Town Departments on provision of transportation, fire suppression, and security services.
  • Business Development Sites. The Commission is meeting with land owners to identify available sites for development and to help market suitable sites.
  • Business Outreach. The Commission has an ongoing program to visit existing businesses to improve the climate for business growth.
  • Economic Development. The Commission is working to promote quality business development projects, redevelop the town sandpit, and build partnerships with developers, real estate professionals, land owners, and regional economic development agencies.
  • Expansion of the 2012 Municipal water system. The well field has the capacity to deliver 400,000 gallons (53,500 cubic feet) per day, includes a 1,000,000 gallon storage tank, which allows expansion of distribution.
  • Extension of municipal wastewater collection system in the business development area. Final design of the collection system in the business area is completed. The system will include four pump stations and three miles of sewer main to transport waste to the Hall Street Waste-Water Treatment Facility in Concord.
  • Providing Economic Development support to Town boards and commissions. The Commission reviews and comments on development applications pending before the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Board of Selectmen.